porsche piwisii tester with panasonic cf19 laptop

porsche piwisii tester with panasonic cf19 laptop

Porsche PIWISii Tester Diagnostic Tool is able to work with Porsche cars from 1996 to 2014 year, special for the Panamera which can only be diagnosed by it, also can work with new Porsche Macan.

And it comes with latest version V14.000, comes with Panasonic cf 19 touchscreen laptop, which is 2400 CPU, 2G RAM.


Software Version: 14.000 / V14.000+(Porsche PET 7.3 Update 350/87 has been installed inside , 99 USD more)

Covers Porsche’s vehicle lists to from 1996 to 2014.

Can work with 2014 new cars Porsche Macan and add porsche wiring diagram as well as service plan.

Software will never expire!!

Panasonic CF19 Laptop we offer:

Refurbished, 2400 CPU, 2G RAM, software preinstalled, ready to work, can be touched by Pen and hand.

Toughbook CF19 MK1

Intel U2400 1.06GHZ

320GB Sata HDD




V14.000+ with Porsche PET 7.3 software pic:


Porsche Piwis ii tester v14.000+ with porsche PET 7.3

Porsche Piwis ii tester V14.000+ with porsche PET 7.3

Porsche Piwis ii tester V14.000+ with porsche PET 7.3

Our advantages of this Porsche PiwisII tester :

1. Our price is very competitive, nearly the lowest in the market

2. Our computer is the Panasonic CF19 Laptop, 2400 CPU, 2G RAM, which is first released by OBDResource in Sep

3. The PC screen start with Porsche welcome image

4. Support full languages and 90 days time unlock (Never expire)

5. Support all Porsche cars till 2014, including Porsche Macan 

6. Software update by CD for ONE YEAR FREE

7. Can install Printer

8. Certification is well installed, you can working with online functions if you have porsche dealer account

Porsche Piwisii tester V14.000 Software Display :


Porsche Piwis tester 2 V14.000

Porsche piwis tester 2 V14.000 vehicle list

Piwis tester 2 V14.000 Vehicle list

Porsche Piwis tester 2 vehicle list


Porsche PIWISII tester is able to read/clear error code, catch data stream, computer programming match, component test,maintenance information consult, components site drawing, wiring diagram.

The Porsche PIWIS II works with the old and latest porsche car. It is equiped with the panasonic laptop and original software for the test. Porsche PIWIS TESTER 2 can help you diagnose and programme the most new and old kind of porsche cars.

For example: 911(997), Boxster/ Cayman,(987), Cayenne up to MY 2010, Cayenne from MY 2011 and Panamera from OBDResource.

The new Panamera can only be diagnosed by using this Porsche PIWISii tester. Based on current project planning, all earlier vehicle models will gradually be changed over to the new PIWIS Tester II by the end of 2010. PIWIS Tester-I only can be used for older models in the Porsche workshop until end of 2010.

Support for PIWIS Tester-I will no longer be available once the earlier diagnostic programs have been transferred to PIWIS Tester-II.

When the Porsche PIWISII tester is distributed, it will contain one basic piece of software. This is necessary in order to start and configure the tester.

Main Functions:

Read/clear error code, catch data stream, computer programming match, component test, maintenance information consult, components site drawing, wiring diagram.

Also can do online programming, such as Key programming and Immobilizer programming(it asks for porsche dealer account to work with it, make sure u have it)



Francais (French)


Espanol (Spanish)

日本语 (Japanese)

中文  (Chinese)

Pyccknn (Russian)

português (Portuguese)

Nederlands (Dutch)


US English


We also can offer Porsche Piwis ii with panasonic CF30 laptop, piwis tester ii with HDD, piwis ii software HDD, piwis ii obdii cable, and piwis II USB cable, if you are interested in, you can check Porsche Flagship store.



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