Piwis III with Piwis 3 Software Installed on Panasonic Laptop Update Online

piwis 3 with Panasonic CF MX3

Wifi Piwis 3 PT3G VCI PIWIS III With V38.90 Piwis 3 Software Install Panasonic CF-MX4 TouchScreen PC Complete Ready to Use


Why Choose Piwis 3 With V38.90 Piwis 3 Software Installed Panasonic CF-MX3 Laptop Complete?


-Piwis 3 Hardware Support Wifi connection

-Piwis 3 Update Online once USB Dongle new version available 

-Piwis 3 software come with Developer Mode

– Piwis 3 PT3G VCI with Piwis 3 software V38.90 software installed in Panasonic CF-MX3 laptop complete ready to work, don’t need installation & activation when you get it, just plug & play

– Piwis 3 PT3G VCI compare with Piwis 2, Piwis 3 From Piwis-tester-2.com with DoIP functions work for Porsche cars till 2020

-Piwis III is good at diagnostics, maintenance, repair, control units change, and programming & setting codes as Dealer lever device, support such dealer function:


Piwis 3 Software:

Software Version: 38.900

Update method: Update online by USB dongle


piwis 3 multi-language

Piwis 3 Laptop Configuration:

Model: Panasonic CF-MX3 Touch Screen Laptop (Refurbish)

Hard Drive: 240G SSD




Piwis 3 with Panasonic CF-MX3 Functions:

1. Diagnostics application

2. Guided fault finding (GFF)

3. Actual values/input signals functions

4. Drive links/tests function

5. Maintenance/repairs function group

6.Wiring diagrams application

7. Logging

8. Filter

9.Coding/programming function group (Authorized Subscription request we do not offer)

piwis 3 FUNCTION piwis 3 FUNCTION piwis 3 FUNCTION piwis 3 FUNCTION


PIWIS 3 Support Car Coverage:

All OLD and NEW P*orsche cars up to 2020

Porsche 911(997) (991)

Boxster/Cayman (987)

Cayenne up to MY 2010

Cayenne from MY 2011



New Car Models Available :

Panamera (971) 2020

Cayenne (92A) 2020

Macan (95B) 2020

991 (991) 2020

piwis 3 wire diagrams piwis 3 wire diagrams piwis 3 support car list wire diagrams


Piwis III Packing List:

1. PIWIS III Panasonic CF-MX3 laptop

2. Piwis 3 PT3G multiplexer

3. Piwis 3 USB connection cable

5. Carrying case

piwis 3 with Panasonic CF MX3


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