What will be check when you activate piwis tester II self-test mode


Piwis tester II self-test mode allows you to check whether the relevant software components are consistent when the diagnostic application is started. In order to check whether the installed components are fault-free and working together without any problems. The restrictions stated below apply.


The following data areas of piwis tester ii are checked when you activate self-test mode:


•executable parts of the diagnostic application (Diagnostic application, MCD Kernel , PDU, Tools, JAVA Runtime Environment)

•configuration data

•generic and control-unit specific processes

•project-specific ODX data



The test is performed in relation to a target definition that is generated during the setup process.



Since piwis tester ii self-test mode performs the test in relation to a target definition that was created during the setup process, the following restrictions apply:

•Additional ODX projects or user-specific processes that were added subsequently and have therefore not been qualified as part of a complete setup cannot be checked for consistency.

•ODX projects modified by PDX installer are also identified as changed by the self-test mode. In addition, only the inconsistent area is identified, but not the individual changes, missing or added component.

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