V17.500 Piwis Tester II Software New Released

V17.500 Piwis Tester II software new released, v17.500 piwis ii software work with all original plan Porsche piwis tester ii from eobdtool.com. From now on,piwis tester ii with diagnostic laptop full set ready to use come with V17.500 piwis ii software .


What’s new of ?


1. More comfortable to work with through high-performance processor(No long waiting periods)

2. Integrated keyboard

3. Very robust design

4. Diagnostic scopes for Porsche Panamers

5. Simultaneous communication with several control unit possible

6. Docking station with flexible mounting capability


Below eobdtool.com share screenshot:


 Porsche piwis tester ii V17.500-3

 Porsche piwis tester ii V17.500-4 Porsche piwis tester ii V17.500-2


Any more information you wanna learn more about the V17.500, please feel free to contact with our sale.


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