Porsche Piwis Tester II show you”No VCI has been detected”

Hi friend,

What’s going on, when I try to read the car ECU the Piwis tester II I bought from you show me”No VCI has been detected”. pic is in attached. I’ve tested the USB cables and it work well.What’s the problem? Can you help me ?  BR adam


Dear adam,

Did the connect between piwi tester ii and your car has be done?pls help to check if there is no communication between the vehicle and tool, info of the ECU module is invisible.

Our suggestion as following:

Pls plug the OBDII cable to Piwis tester ii and DLC of the car firstly.

Secondly, connect turn the ignition key to “On” to start the vehicle.

Thirdly, connect the tool to PC via a USB cable.

Finally Run the software and check if there is data in ECU and other systems.

If there is data in the systems, it means the communication is built and the warning message should be gone.

Best wishes


Porsche-Piwis-Tester-II 1 




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