Piwis Tester II 99011 Error Comm. module not connected (Solution)

Dear eobdtool Team,
we have purchase from you a Porsche PIWIS TESTER II ..invoice number 20160910033 / 10.09.2016.
we have connect the device with the car (cayenne 3.2 9PA from 2005 year.)
the pc can not find the modul.
also, the oc cant make bluetooth connection with the check module.
please advise as soon as possible.
please find the attached files for referense.
thank you in advance!

Kind Regards

piwis tester ii from eobdtoolcom connect to car

Porsche piwis tester ii usb driver piwis tester ii 99010 error 


Here is a customer who purchasing laptop full set ready to use from Eobdtool.com ask for technical support for the problem, our technician have check the problem and solved it. Here share how to solved the problem for customer reference.


From the attachment showing, we can see, customer connect the usb cable to laptop, even the bottom usb indicator light of the piwis tester ii do not light up, so it’s must be the piwis tester ii disconnect to laptop.


Then check the secound picture, we can see that the piwis tester ii usb driver is not configuration correctly, so the error come out in third picture. Now we can confirmed the problem caused by piwis tester ii usb driver not installed property.


So just two step to solved it:


1. uninstaled the driver of piwis tester ii(if customer can not sure which is piwis tester ii driver, just check the device manager like pic.2 when you connect the piwis tester ii to laptop )

2. re-plug piwis tester ii usb cable into laptop, the new driver will be installed automaticly.


Then the 99011 Error Comm. module not connected will disappear. Customer can start your work on cayenne 3.2 9PA from 2005 year.




More question about the piwis tester ii for Porsche, pls feel free keep your order information contact Skype:eobdtool02



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