Function groups of PIWI TEST 2 Graphical user interface

There are umber of function groups are available in the menu bar of PIWI TEST 2 Graphical user interface’s .

The function of each function group is described briefly below:



Overview: The result of the last control unit search is displayed in table form by selecting the Overview

function group.

Extended identification :The extended identifications of previously selected control units are displayed by

selecting the function group Extended identification.

Fault memory:In the Fault memory function group, you can display the fault memory entries and

environmental data of the respective fault memory for a selection of control units. It is also possible to

delete all or individual fault memory entries of the control units.

Actual values Input signals: The actual values and input signals of control units can be displayed in the

Actual values/Input signals function group. Drive links Tests In the Drive links/Tests function group, it is

possible to change the parameters of drive links or run test routines. Theresults of this change are logged

and displayed.

Coding Adaptation: In the Coding/Adaptation function group, it is possible to read the coding of control

units and also to change the coding if the user has the corresponding permissions.

Maintenance Repair: In the function group Maintenance/Repair , it is possible to carry out operations that

are required for commissioning certain control units and functions.

Programming: In the Programming function group, it is possible to program a control unit by means of

flash jobs.


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