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Piwis Tester II 99011 Error Comm. module not connected (Solution)

Dear eobdtool Team,we have purchase from you a Porsche PIWIS TESTER II ..invoice number 20160910033 / 10.09.2016.we have connect the device with the car (cayenne 3.2 9PA from 2005 year.)the pc can not find the modul.also, the oc cant make bluetooth connection with the check module.please advise as soon as possible.please find the attached files […]

Piwis Tester II With Panasonic laptop Full Set Customer Feedbacks

Piwis Tester II update to newest piwis 17.500 version for Porsche diagnosis and programming. We check that some customer ask for suggestion of how about the V17.500 piwis tester ii with panasonic laptop full set ready to use from on some forums.   Below we share experience and customer who purchase piwis tester ii […]

V17.500 Piwis Tester II Software New Released

V17.500 Piwis Tester II software new released, v17.500 piwis ii software work with all original plan Porsche piwis tester ii from From now on,piwis tester ii with diagnostic laptop full set ready to use come with V17.500 piwis ii software .   What’s new of V17.500 Piwis Tester II ?   1. More comfortable […]

Porsche Piwis Tester II V17.100 Updated

Porsche piwis tester ii update to v17.100, newest V17.100 porsche Piwis tetser software  also can installed in HDD/SSD on sale for original plan Porsche piwis tester ii. V17.100 Porsche piwis tester ii from maintaining functionality of V16.800 piwis software, support offline programming for Porsche vehicles.   Newest V17.100 Porsche Piwis Tester II Software Screen: […]

Review Of Porsche Piwis Tetser II With CF30 Laptop Full Set Ready To Use

Porsche piwis tester ii from is original plan, which is full chip layout as original pcb board. The Piwis tester II not only support Porsche diagnosis also online&offline programming. It cover full system Porshce vehicle including newst Porsche Hybrid cars.   Below we share the experience of who buy the piwis tester ii with […]

V16.800 Porsche Piwis Tester II Software Released

Porsche Piwis Tester II update to V16.800,newest V16.800 software installed on Panasonic CF30 laptop for Porsche diagnosis and programming. Porsche piwis tester ii V16.8000 cover full serial Porsche vehicles still 2016 except hybird vehicles. V16.800 Piwis Tetser ii never expiration date, which support offline progamming, also online programming for piwis tester II special functions, such […]

Where to Buy Porsche PET Porsche Electronic Parts Catalogue V7.3?

Porsche PET V7.3, is a newest spare parts catalogue and parts book for all regions. Porsche Electronic spare parts catalogue contains the full information on spare parts. And where to buy the Porsche Electronic Parts Catalogue V7.3? have newest Porsche PET V7.3 for sale, customer order it, and download it to instal. No […]

Piwis Tester II With V16.200 Porsche Piwis Diagnostic Software FAQ

Porsche Piwis Tester II with Posrche diagnostic software V16.200 cover until 2016 Porsche vehicles. Piwis tester ii as feature product hot sale and lot of customer have some question about it. Below collect Porsche Piwis tester ii FAQ for customer reference:   Q1.Does Piwis Tester II V16.200 support 2016 Porsche cars?A1. Piwis teste ii […]

Piwis Tester II V16.200 Developer Engineer Mode

Piwis Tester II software update to V16.200, piwis tester ii come with developer mode, newest 16.200 version PIWIS II Engineer mode from support offline programing.   Below customer can check Piwis Tester II Engineer Mode V16.200 Developer Mode details:   Support ECU List   Piwis Tester 2 from with high quality, piwis tester […]

Porsche Piwis Tester II V16.2 Version Software Released

Porsche piwis tester ii newest software update to V16.2,below share newest V16.2 piwis tester ii software screenshot. Piwis Tester II Software Version: V16.200 Covers Porsche’s vehicle lists from 1996 till 2015. Can work with 2014 new cars Porsche Macan and add porsche wiring diagram as well as service plan.   Piwis ii tester V16.200 […]